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3G/4G Pitch Construction


3G surface with cork infill at Swedish School

3G pitch construction is an area that is evolving all the time, with new installation technology, advancements in safety and performance, and even 4th and 5th generation turf! It’s hard to keep track of what type of turf is best for your sport. At Kestrel Contractors we have all the knowledge and skills to help you choose the right kind of turf, installation and maintenance system.

Although there is no 4G synthetic turf product yet, it is a term used for the most up to date, top of the range synthetic turf. Most of the time pitches that are being claimed as 4G are actually 3G pitches that are being constructed, installed and maintained using the latest technological advancements, which is what Kestrel Contractors use.


3rd generation turf ranges from 40mm – 65mm in height and are back filled with sand and rubber crumb which primarily designed to offer a high quality football application but, depending on specifications are also suitable for rugby, hockey and American football.

3G surfaces can be directly installed over a graded stone, omitting the need for a shockpad, offering a very cost effective construction whilst not compromising the pitch’s longevity or performance.

Greater shock absorption and improved tolerances has enabled the 3rd generation surfaces to have dual usage for surfaces for football, hockey, rugby or American football applications. Different specifications are required to incorporate greater shock absorption and improved tolerances with the eventual specification being dependent on the level of play desired as well as site influencing factors.


Huge Improvements over the old Astro Turf has meant very high quality surfaces are achievable, meeting the testing requirements of FIFA, FA, FIH and the IRB offering considerably improved performance than traditional sand based ‘astro turf’ pitches.

3G improves revenue streams. With the rise in popularity of 5 a side football and the increasing need for suitable training pitches over the winter months 3rd Generation turf offers a unique surface which can help to create valuable revenue streams.

Q & A

Q: How is 3G turf maintained?

A: Regular leaf and litter picks are essential, as well as ensuring the correct footwear is worn at all times when on the turf. Specialist maintenance is advised 2-3 times a year to rejuvenate the rubber crumb infill and to relieve compaction and to re-spread the infill.

Q: How long does the 3G turf last before it has to be replaced?

A: This depends on how regularly the surface is used. Typically it is expected that the carpet will need replacing once every ten years. Monofilament carpets tend to offer an increased level of performance for a longer period of time in comparison to fibrillated carpets. Regular and correct maintenance can significantly improve the life of the turf.

Q: What about surface water collecting on synthetic turf?

A: All of Kestrel’s 3G turf is permeable so surface water drains through. Unlike natural turf, no muddy areas will develop

No matter what sport you play, artificial pitches could be the solution you are looking for. Just contact our team of experts today and find out more about our 3G pitch construction, installation and maintenance services.

Our Team of Experts will be delighted to talk to you so give us a call on: 01256 880 488 or drop us a line at: [email protected]

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