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About Kestrel

We build sports pitches, beautiful, long-lasting, immaculate sports pitches, both natural and artificial, and we have been doing that for 30 years.


We renovate tired, compacted, overgrown, under-nourished, overplayed and neglected sports pitches.


We maintain grass and artificial sports pitches regularly and on an ad-hoc basis.


Our customers range from schools, councils and developers to private estates, equitation establishments and sports clubs of all types; football, hockey, golf, tennis, netball, rugby, bowls and croquet (yes, we do croquet courts and stalking areas!),


Because we have the skills and equipment for all these activities, we are also frequently asked to do related landscaping and drainage works, levelling and pathways.


Our team of experts will be delighted to talk to you so just give us a call or drop us a line.

Our Team of Experts will be delighted to talk to you so give us a call on: 01256 880 488 or drop us a line at: [email protected]

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