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Fencing for Sports Pitches

Perimeter sports pitch fencing comes in a variety of heights, forms and colours and provides a number of often unheralded benefits for natural and artificial sports surfaces, such as:

• Improved ball retention
• Site security
• Reduced contamination
• Segregation

The main types of perimeter sports fencing we offer are:

Ball stop netting

Mainly used on natural grass pitches, ball stop netting can be installed in ground sockets at a height of 3-6m or as a cost effective alternative to increase perimeter fence height.

Spectator Fencing

Usually installed at 1.2m high, spectator fencing comes in a variety of forms from wooden post and rail to filled or unfilled weldmesh through to heavy duty portable plastic systems.


A budget rolled system supported on angle irons used mainly on tennis and netball courts where ball to fence interaction is low, installed typically at a height of 2.75m or 3m.

Rolled weldmesh

An intermediate rolled system comprising 50 x 50 x 3.5mm weldmesh installed onto 60 x 40mm posts with tensile line wires, installed typically at a height of 3m or 4m.
Used mainly on Hockey pitches with a 250mm high treated timber kickboard or on Multi Use Games Areas where ball to fence interaction is light or moderate.

358 weldmesh system

A system comprising 50 x 50 x 3.5mm rolled weldmesh above a fixed 1.2m high 358 panel for added durability. This system is used mainly for hockey led dual use pitches and typically installed at a height of 3m, 4m or 5m.

Rigid panel twinbar weldmesh

A system comprising 5 or 6mm vertical wires sandwiched by twin 6 or 8mm horizontals to form a 200x50mm mesh to the complete height of the panel.

Used mainly on Multi Use Games Areas with a moderate ball to fence interaction and/or which are also likely to double up as a playground at break times.

Kickboard system

Phenolic or polypropylene coated treated timber kickboards, manufactured at 1.2m high as standard and uplifted to anywhere between 3-8m using soft netting, rolled weldmesh or standard twinbar weldmesh.
Reserved almost solely for 5 aside football and utilised by GOALZ and POWERLEAGUE for their standard pitch 10 pitch arrangements.

Rigid panel twinbar weldmesh with super rebound

The most robust system available on the market. Comprising a 1.2m high 50 x 66mm aperture super rebound panel with a standard 200 x 50mm twinbar weldmesh system above this system, installed anywhere between 2.4-5m, is the preferred solution for artificial football pitches and can cope with a high ball to fence interaction.

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Sports Pitch Fencing

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