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Artificial Surfaces for Cricket Pitches

There are a variety of applications for an artificial cricket surface, including multiple lane training nets and quality game surface. We ensure high quality artificial cricket surface by using highly experienced and skilled artificial construction staff.

One of the big upsides of having an artificial cricket surface is that, while not maintenance free, it has low maintenance costs. Artificial cricket turfs can be used regularly throughout the season and still maintain a high standard playing area. For schools or smaller clubs this can be an excellent ground solution.

These artificial cricket pitches areas also offer an “all-weather” element. While cricket isn’t usually played in heavy rain, artificial surfaces are usable far more quickly after a period of rain than a natural cricket pitch would. For clubs and schools these are often an ideal solution to continue playing throughout the summer.

Artificial cricket surfaces are also used in practice areas, aka “nets”. These configurations can be one or more bays side-by-side, allowing one batsman and multiple bowlers to practice in an enclosed environment. With an artificial ground you can guarantee a smooth and fast surface, perfect for bowling and batting practice.

The construction of these cricket surfaces are important for cricket clubs of all sizes as they offer a versatile, hard-wearing cricket ground solution for a variety of uses throughout the summer months. For schools looking to offer cricket without having to maintain multiple natural ground and grass options, an artificial cricket ground could be the perfect answer. After the cricket ground construction these surfaces will require regular maintenance to be up to a required standard, but with this the cricket surface can withstand a very high workload throughout the summer. We understand that for the majority of clubs and schools, cricket ground construction is a big investment, and we can work with you to ensure the best artificial cricket surface solution is found.

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