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Artificial Football Pitches

Gone are the days, where playing on artificial football pitches meant basketball levels of bounce and surfaces that promoted as many injuries as they did passes. Modern 3G/4G football pitches and FIFA accredited pitch surfaces are coming back into the game at the very highest level. Synthetic pitches are suitable for football competitions, as well as more recreation football applications, up and down the country as they are sturdy and durable.

3rd Generation football pitches are constructed on a firm base, with long pile artificial grass filled with sand and rubber crumb. These latest types of 3G football pitches not only look like the real thing, but they are increasingly playing like them too. Our wide range of expertise makes the application of 3G football pitches a smooth process with a superior quality result. Whereas, pitches that are referred to as 4G are 3G grounds, but have been constructed using the very latest technology. There has been no significant development in the type of synthetic grass that is used to create 3G pitches, but there have been big steps forward in the technology used to construct and lay the turf. Using this technology on artificial turf is sometimes referred to as 4G turf.

At the top levels of the game, artificial pitches provide an all-weather alternative for training when outdoor grass surfaces are unplayable, and increasingly are becoming more common in football as a whole. BSC Young Boys from Switzerland hosted Tottenham Hotspur in a Champions League qualifier in 2010 was on 3G Football Pitches proving a great success.

Third Generation surfaces also offer a great solution for grass roots and non-league football clubs or schools and leisure centers looking for an artificial football turf pitch that is versatile and can be used for competitive matches or recreational games, as well as be used for other activities. 3G Pitches are applicable for other sports too, like rugby, American football and even hockey.

We worked together with MKDons football club to replace their 3G football pitch surface at their “Dome” indoor training facility. This was a significant project that involved addressing issues with the base as deviations were detracting from the playing performance of it. We laser leveled the base before installing new 3G carpet.

Other notable projects include Harlow Town FC, Southampton FC training ground and Brighton & Hove Albion FC training ground along with various school, University and local authority projects.

The issue of 3G/4G football pitches at the highest level is slowly changing in the UK, with the FA in 2014 voting for rules to be changed on the usage of artificial surfaces in the FA Cup. But, whatever application you are looking for, we can help.

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