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Hockey Pitch Construction


Kestrel Contractors are one of the leading hockey pitch construction experts in the UK, carrying out hockey surface installation, drainage and resurfacing throughout England, Scotland & Wales.

We have an impressive CV of schools and amateur sports clubs through to local authorities many of who, have been clients for over fifteen years.

The majority of our hockey pitch works are carried out in independent schools.


Kestrel offers specialist services from design evaluation to carrying out site investigations to determine ground conditions and site surveys to quantify the volume of earthworks required. This is carried right through to choosing the right hockey pitch surface required for the project. The deciding factors in all of the design phase of the project are based on the local conditions and the exact application of the hockey pitch surface for the client.

At the point of your enquiry or site visit, we look to understand not just your budgets or objectives in the shorter term but seek to offer sustainable solutions to ensure the hockey pitch surface continues to function over the years.

We want you, as our potential client to input into not just the objectives, but also the ongoing maintenance that will help your hockey pitch surface continue to function ongoing.

We aim to build long standing relationships and for customers to come back to us because we’ve delivered ongoing support.

From the estimator visiting your site to discuss your requirements through to the installation team responsible for the infill levels and final brush of the hockey pitch surface at handover, you can be confident we are ‘on-side’ and playing as a team.

Initial site survey
Produce drawings, specifications and cost estimates
Ground Stabilisation
Drainage including secondary drainage
Pitch construction builds up aggregate including stone carpets
Popup automatic Irrigation systems (for water based pitches)
Laser grading machines for surface perfection
Shock pad
Artificial grass, line markings and infill
Sports equipment
Maintenance advice post contract


The type of hockey pitch surface required is entirely determined by budget, type of usage and volume of usage. There are endless options for artificial surfaces, so some gentle, practical advice is always received well by our clients.

Sand dressed surface

The majority of hockey pitches are built using a sand dressed carpet. Typically this carpet has a pile height of 18-23mm and an infill of washed and dried silica sand that is more than 80% rounded. The infill is used to keep the carpet fibres upright and will account for 60-80% of the pile height.

Sand dressed carpets will be of a higher density compared to sand filled hockey pitches and are most commonly laid onto a 15mm in-situ shock pad. The shock pad will sit on top of an engineered stabilising base layer and below that lays the free draining stone sub-base.

Sand filled surface

Sand filled hockey pitches have a similar pile height to sand dressed carpets, of between 18-23mm. The sand-filled carpet has a lower density due to the higher levels of sand infill. This option fills the carpet with sand to provide greater stability for the pile.

3G/4G surface

Where facilities demand multi-sports usage, 3rd/4th Generation surfaces offer an attractive and viable solution. Given the requirement for playing both hockey and football on the surface, both sports would require a pile height of no more than 40mm. The 3G or 4G surface demands a sand and rubber crumb infill mix to satisfy the shock absorbency tests required for football, but the overall performance of the surface is sufficient for recreational hockey and football.

Kestrel Contractors can talk you through the right kind of surface for your needs and budget. Our team of experts have year’s of experience in the sport turfing industry, so give one of our experts a call today and start your hockey pitch construction project with Kestrel Contractors.

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