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Everest Community Academy

Type of installation: 3G Pitch Installation

Location: Everest Community Academy, Basingstoke

Kestrel are well renowned for an innovative philosophy within the sports turf marketplace and this was evident at their recent artificial pitch replacement scheme at Everest Community Academy, Basingstoke (ECA).


The existing full size sand based astro turf hockey surface was installed in 2007 and was in fairly good condition; however the Academy’s primary focus has shifted towards football at curriculum level and for community groups.


With a local housing development yielding vital funds it was decided to switch the surface to a 3rd Generation turf, more suitable towards football but also able to accommodate some competition hockey and touch rugby.


The client selected the aspirated DOMO Varioslide S Pro 40/11 surface which is a patented dual fibre product providing excellent durability, aesthetics and reduced rubber splash, all key performance aspects for football, as well as a quick and uniform surface suitable for low level competition hockey and touch rugby, ideal in a school environment.


The standard approach would be to rip up the existing sand based surface and dispose of it at a local landfill site, inclusive of all the sand infill material.


Some competitors may claim to rip up and ‘recycle’ the grass however, in reality this is heavily dependent upon the weather as wet infill means full scale ‘recycled’ is rarely achieved and the material ends up stored on private land until eventually it is disposed of.



In a bid to provide our clients with ‘value’ rather than just the bottom line price coupled with ever increasing environmental scrutiny on schemes of this nature, the project at ECA provided a perfect template for Kestrel’s future schemes.


The use of the TurfMuncher™ machine provides a number of key environmental, economic and performance related benefits:

Project specific benefits

  • Ensured project was delivered on time and on budget despite inclement weather.
  • Reduced carbon footprint of project by 975 miles.
  • Diverted 200 tonnes of ‘hazardous waste’ material away from landfill.
  • Reinvested savings on infill material back into the project enabling the client to install a higher specification 3G surface within the original budget.


Therefore all stakeholders in the scheme had a positive experience, Kestrel were able to turn the project early ensuring management cost efficiency and a positive reference, Hampshire County Council oversaw a project which reflects favourably on them from an environmental standpoint and most crucially, the client, ECA were able to install a premium specification 3G surface on time and on budget.


Kestrel’s commitment to the environment ensure that we try to minimise any material going to landfill or not being utilised in a sustainable way:



To find out more about the TurfMuncher™ and our pitch replacement services please contact us on 01256 880488, or complete the contact form on the left.

“We favoured Kestrel and DOMO at the outset of the scheme and the added value they provided was important. It is clear we were justified in our selection as the new pitch looks outstanding, being delivered on time and on budget.”

John Perrin
Community Manager
Everest Community Academy


Miles Rankine of Hampshire County Council added:


The TurfMuncher™ certainly improved the efficiency of the surface removal and its use indicated to us that Kestrel were giving important environmental consideration to their service.

Miles Rankine
Hampshire County Council

A win for all parties!

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