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Millenium Stadium Re-Turfing

Type of installation: Natural turf pitch laying

Location: Millenium Stadium, Cardiff

Kestrel re-turfed the prestigious Millennium Stadium football and rugby surface in Cardiff which was chosen to host the 2004 F.A. Cup Final between Manchester United FC and Millwall FC.


It was the first opportunity to use the company’s brand new BRL120, Kestrel’s state of the art turfing machine and it certainly didn’t disappoint!


Kestrel’s impressive turfing CV ensured they were in a position to negotiate the prestigious contract. Kestrel managed to turf the pitch in a mere three days and ensured it was playable for the show piece event.


Advantages of the newly designed BRL120 turfing machine

  • It can lay up to 360 m2 of turf per hour
  • 98% accurate without guidance boards
  • Reduces time wasted
  • Reduces costs


This new turf laying machinery ensures Kestrel Contractors are in a position to offer a very competitive and extremely high quality turfing service which allows them to cater for all levels of turfing from professional and amateur sports clubs through to schools and on large landscaping projects.


Kestrel have made considerable recent investments in highly specialised turfing machinery in a bid to provide an unrivalled service and set themselves apart from the competition and Sales Director William Martin was absolutely delighted that it has been paying off:


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“We have invested significantly in the areas we believe will benefit our clients the most. Our new turfing machinery superseded our expectations, and therefore we are delighted that that investment is paying off. More importantly the quality of service we provide to our customers is there for all to see”

William Martin
Kestrel Sales Director

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