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The Royal Parks – Hyde Park

Type of installation: Reinstatement works

Location: Hyde Park

Kestrel Contractors successfully won the contract to redevelop the natural turf surface of the Parade Ground at Hyde Park. Kestrel commissioned the consultancy services of Agrostis for the project that was carried out between January & April 2013.

The size of the contract was substantial with 22 hectares or 54 acres to be covered in the renovation works. Hyde Park had been used extensively over the previous summer, autumn and winter with various Olympic events and concerts taking its toll on the area of the capital often referred to as the Lungs of London. Once the decision had been made to return the Royal Park to its former glory and establish a functional space ahead another packed calendar of events in 2013, a competitive tender process was eventually won by Kestrel Contractors.

Once the areas of treatment had been established, work began on the re-turfing. However, areas were also identified for soil improvement procedures to ensure the turf established correctly with the ultimate output being a stronger more resilient surface than before.  A mapping exercise and soil investigation was undertaken in order to identify which areas may or may not have been in need of drainage or other soil-related improvements.

With Kestrels ability to think laterally, the suggested idea of removing the existing topsoil to be replaced with new would have been expensive, so Kestrel came up with the more economically advantageous approach of utilising the existing topsoil, but improving it by particular cultivation methods and the incorporation of sand. The appropriate degree of blending of the sand and soil was determined and the surface was then turfed using turf specified and approved by Agrostis.  We monitored and reported to LUC on all of the procedures throughout the duration of the works.


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