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Sports Pitch Designs To Your Specifications

Kestrel Contractors undertake projects from the initial feasibility stage, often providing our clients with a sports pitch designs, to the build and completion stage. We work in conjunction with a number of contractors, schools, architects, local authorities, sports clubs and consultants to produce high-quality sports facilities.

Being experienced in sports ground design, Kestrel are well aware of the key considerations to be taken into account at the design stage of creating a field:

Employer’s requirement/ Client expectation

  • Does the client have any particular budget constraints?
  • Does the client have a performance standard or specific playing characteristic in mind?
  • How long is the client expecting the installation to last?
  • What is the client’s expectations regarding on-going maintenance?


Site Conditions

Vital to the success of any sports pitch construction or renovation project knowledge of the indigenous site conditions and how they may influence the scheme.

As an established sports pitch construction firm, Kestrel have a great deal of experience working in a variety of soil conditions and are able to call upon a wide range of tried and tested construction techniques to provide our clients with genuine value.


Knowledge of the relevant performance standards, pitch sizes, pitch layouts, run-offs and testing procedures are all key aspects when commencing the design of a sports pitch scheme.

Kestrel are construction, drainage, renovation and maintenance experts for both natural and artificial sports pitches and are also able to provide specialist design advice on fencing, floodlighting and irrigation systems which ensures we are a one stop shop for sports pitch projects.

For all your sports pitch design needs Kestrel have things covered, please contact one of our team of specialists on 01256 880488 or complete the contact form below and we will do our best to assist you further.

Sports Pitch Design

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Sports Pitch Design Case Studies

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New natural pitch construction x 2

Lacon Chide School

Natural and artificial pitch construction

Harlow Town FC

3G Football pitch

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