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As members of the Land Drainage Contractors Association, Kestrel has vast experience and expertise in the requirements of producing sustainable land drainage systems. All our projects are constructed in accordance with the SAPCA code of practice for natural land specifications and drainage.

The needs for pitch drainage

Excess water and soil compaction in turf often result in rapid deterioration of areas of turf and ultimately can lead to the pitch becoming damaged and quality of the land being severely affected. Getting the drainage right from the outset is essential in establishing and prolonging the quality of an area of land.

Our land drainage construction solutions

Kestrel has a range of specialist equipment and experienced operators to provide land drainage solutions for all types of problems. We undertake primary, secondary and lateral drainage, verti-draining, shockwaving, sand splitting and top dressing and also provide irrigation systems.

Turf drainage options and aftercare

Land Drainage Contractors

Lateral pitch drainage systems can be installed under existing turf, including highly used sports pitches. A typical drainage system consists of a lattice of lateral drains linked to a main drain.

If problems are severe, lateral turf drainage may not be sufficient to remove all pitch surface water. In this instance, a secondary field drainage technique is used in addition to the mains drainage.

There are two commonly recommended secondary turf drainage options, sand slits, and grooves, in addition to gravel banding, which are normally used as a sports drainage systems.

Secondary Pitch Drainage

Sand slitting

Sand slitting is a secondary drainage technique. The slits or trenches, 50-75mm wide and 200-300mm deep, are inserted at 1 – 2m spacing. They are back filled with 2-6mm pea gravel and then topped off with 50-75mm of free draining sand.

Sand grooving

Sand grooving is a method of cutting narrow channels or ‘grooves’ and filling them with drainage sand. These slits are cut to various depths and back-filled. Sand grooving has great benefits in reducing surface water between slit drains. It also re-opens existing drainage systems, connecting with the surface.

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Land Drainage System

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