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Kestrel Contractors are one of the most vastly experienced contractors in the equestrian arena construction world in the UK and Europe, particularly in relation to the polo field market.

Our polo fields are patronised by royalty, celebrity, internationals and amateurs alike.


Kestrel’s unique selling point is that not only do we have a vastly experienced design team but also our own in house operatives and bespoke plant and equipment.

Our clients can be assured that quality control is not going to be compromised at any stage of the project.

We appreciate what riders and horses need to achieve in relation to comfort, safety including a riding surface that is aesthetically pleasing whilst being stable enough for rider and horses underfoot.

We know what our customers demand and expect the best. We deliver.

From the outset, Kestrel can offer to visit site and carry out a feasibility study and align a design suited to the budget available.


Kestrel insists that a preliminary site investigation is carried out to eliminate all risks that may appear during construction which can be very costly if not identified pre works.

We understand agronomic issues that can arise with many different types of soils and sub strata’s and tailor our designs to accommodate.

We carry out the groundwork’s with our own bulldozers fitted with laser controls ensuring that the surfaces are smooth not only in the finished levels of the turf but also the subsoil. Internal and external levels need to be absolutely correct if a field is to function ongoing. We take into account the existing topsoil, allowing for drainage including any secondary drainage requirements, rootzone make -up, irrigation including storage requirements for lakes or ponds.


We offer advice on renovation at season’s end and give advice year on year to ensure that the surfaces continue to perform.

Our own in house specialist polo grounds renovation team can carry out the following works;

Plaining off existing grasses with Field Top Maker
Deep aeration such as verti draining and hollow tining
Top dressing of sands to restore surface levels
Over seeding

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Equestrian Arena Construction Case Studies

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