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Constructing Arenas for Horse Riding Events

Horse arena construction is more complicated than just laying some turf! Horse arenas need to be sturdy and sustainable ground and also there is a lot of maintenance needed due to the sheer force of the animal’s hooves. The key to producing and maintaining a sustainable equestrian ground is down to using experienced and skilled contractors with the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field. Regardless of whether you need an indoor or outdoor arena, our equestrian turf specialists can create an arena that it fit for the impact of show jumping, cross country or any other discipline.

Kestrel endeavor to deliver a high level of service to all of our clients, providing a bespoke service to each and every project. Not only do we give our clients our complete dedication from the first meeting, but we continue our support throughout the project, past completion, providing guidance on maintenance issues. This is why Kestrel is the number one choice for the construction, renovation and irrigation of sports grounds and surfaces. Not only do we deliver reliability and superior quality, but we provide our customers with what they deserve – ground tailored to our client’s requirements.

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Horse Arena Construction

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