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Sports Pitch Irrigation

Sports Turf Irrigation

Brighton and Hove Albion’s Sports Pitch Irrigation


When constructing sports fields, golf courses or amenity areas consideration should be given to installing a sports turf irrigation systems. Irrigation systems are used to help with the maintenance of land and to keep the turf from drying up during the summer periods by the application of water via sprinklers and other equipment.

No irrigation?

As with all projects, designs have to be balanced and if drainage systems are installed to improve playing surfaces in the winter months, whereas the surfaces will dry out in hot summer months which could lead to quality issues with an irrigation system in place.

Full irrigation systems

There are many types of irrigation systems which can be adapted to suits circumstances, pitches and budgets. At the higher end of the market, full turf irrigation systems comprise of tanks, pumps, underground pipes and automatic sprinklers which can be programmed accordingly to the field requirements.

Mid-range irrigation

At the mid-range end of the scale smaller tanks with submersible pumps fitted which can allow self-propelled travelling sprinklers apply water. This option does require ground staff to set it up and monitor. Generally speaking this system operates during the day which isn’t as efficient as a full irrigation system which can be used early mornings or evenings

Budget irrigation

Kestrel can provide or hire out bespoke field irrigation systems which assist in the establishment of newly built surfaces whether by seed or turf. It can also be hired for established swards which may dry out in droughts or when temperatures are high…assuming of course drought orders aren’t in place.

Installing drainage means you should think about installing an irrigation system – failure to do so can lead to poor quality surfaces ongoing.

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