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Constructing Natural Cricket Pitches


Kestrel Contractors are one of the leading cricket wicket & outfield construction and renovation experts in the UK, carrying out installations and drainage throughout England & Wales.
We have an impressive CV of cricket clubs, schools and amateur clubs through to local authorities, many who have been clients for over fifteen years.
The majority of our works are carried out for grass roots clubs often funded through Sport England

The construction of grass roots outfields is relatively straightforward as far as a design is concerned, a smooth grass surface that generally drains well through the playing season.

However, cricket often shares facilities with winter games such as football, hockey or rugby and this needs to be factored into the design to ensure the grass sward can deliver year round.

The real testing ground for the cricketers, groundsmen and contractors, however, is the cricket square. There is no hard and fast specification which guarantees a good surface indefinitely. We’ve seen squares mown out of grass and in-situ topsoil producing great wickets for both the batsman & bowler alike and also high-end specifications which have disappointed.

Having a strong understanding of not just the construction methodology but also the on-going maintenance is absolutely essential when it comes to producing great cricket squares

More than any other surface, the production of good cricket wickets is often down to the skills of the groundsman.

Aside from a full construction of cricket facilities Kestrel also carry out sports pitch renovations to many club squares at season end, allowing saddles to be planed off, squares re-levelled and put to bed in readiness for the following season.

New techniques such as Koro Field Top Makers and tractor mounted mini laser box graders allow squares to be renovated within two days ensuring plenty of time for the establishment of grass in time for following season.

Warning – plan ahead and if possible carry out the works in late Summer. Try to have the last couple of games played away from home to allow renovations to commence in good time. Likewise in Spring try to play the first few fixtures at the opposition ground.

Have a contingency should weather be inclement!!

Kestrel offers specialist services from a pitch design evaluation to carrying out site investigations to determine ground conditions and site surveys to quantify the volume of earthworks required. This is carried right through to choosing the right grass seed mixture and cultivars for the particular environment the field is situated in.

At the point of your enquiry or site visit, we look to understand not just your budgets or objectives in the shorter term but seek to offer sustainable solutions to ensure the pitch surfaces continue to function over the years.

We offer the following on our design & build construction packages;
Initial site survey
Produce drawings, specifications and cost estimates
Ground Stabilisation
Drainage including secondary drainage
Popup automatic Irrigation systems
Laser grading machines for surface perfection
Seeding or turfing & grow in maintenance
Maintenance advice post contract.

We carry out end of season renovation services such as;
Koro Field Top Makers – to reduce saddles and introduce desirable hard wearing grasses
Verti drainer & Groundbreakers – for de-compacting surfaces
Eco dresser – recycling topsoil, top dressing, relieve compaction, aeration
Sand amelioration – to improve the soil structure
Hollow tining – to promote root growth
Top dressing – to improve surface levels
Overseeding – for reinstatement of thin swards
Fertilising – promoting vigorous growth
Gypsum application –preventing or reducing clay shrinkage
Secondary drainage – sand slits, sand bands, koro top drains, sand grooves

For more information about our natural cricket pitch construction service, contact us on 01256 880 488 and talk with one of our highly trained construction specialists.

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