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Golf Course Construction

High-quality standards of golf course construction is essential for the creation of a popular golf course. Finding golf turf contractors who are experienced in constructing differing terrains is critical. Kestrel Contractors provide expertise in creating golf surfaces and are recognised as one of the leading sports ground contractors.

The perfect golf green starts with the plot of land. The topography of the land and the type of soil are very important in determining how much construction is required. The initial work can often involve the excavation of existing materials and importation of new materials, this will ensure the golf green ground is ready.

Keeping your golf course at a high standard it is very important to have an irrigation system set up. Once the course is built drainage, particularly on the golf green and in the bunkers is incredibly important, as is creating areas that are easy to maintain.

We design golf courses that provide a challenging golf experience to both recreational players and golf professionals alike. By incorporating steep slopes into the course construction, we ensure players have a great golf experience. However, this type of construction can lead to difficult maintenance issues, and golf greens that are too flat can also have drainage issues – striking a balance between these issues is vitally important.

As a leading golf design contractor, we have the skills and expertise to aid you in the build and development of golf course construction. Between 2008 and 2009 we constructed Clandon Golf Course in Surrey, a course that offers two nine-hole loops. Find more case studies here detailing previous construction projects.

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Golf Course Construction

Golf Course Construction Case Studies

Rookwood Golf Course

Construction of 18 hole and 9 hole par 3 courses

Wildwood Golf & Country Club

Construction of 18 hole course

Carden Park Golf Course

Construction of 18 hole course

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