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Constructing Tennis Courts

At Kestrel, we have a team of specialists that can help you with your tennis court construction project. From designing the project to construction and maintenance, we can help you. Around twenty per cent of club tennis courts in the UK use natural tennis turf grass, a real turf surface is required to withstand hard play and provide all levels of tennis across multiple seasons.

Natural grass tennis turf is required to withstand a great deal of play and is capable of being cut extremely short. Turf surfaces must be able to recover in a short space of time to ensure that they don’t deteriorate too quickly. Maintenance is incredibly important for the longevity of grass turf courts. We ensure tennis turf is well rolled to produce a consistent playing area. Larger facilities with multiple tennis courts often introduce a court rotation system to ensure that the turf surfaces are like new and provide the best playing surfaces.

If you are considering a new or replacement natural grass turf court surface for your club or tennis facility, then Kestrel Contractors have the expertise to provide you with an excellent, hard wearing, natural tennis turf surface. We construct multi-seasonal tennis courts suitable for professional level and recreational players.

At Kestrel, we pride ourselves on being leading contractors in sports surfaces, offering a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise throughout every project. We tailor each tennis court construction project to our clients’ requirements making us the right choice for high-quality tennis turf courts.

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Tennis Court Construction Case Studies

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