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Renovation of Sports Pitches

Kestrel are at the very forefront of the sport pitch and artificial surface market in the UK and Europe, with our sports pitch renovation service being one of our most sort after services, which includes our outstanding top dressing service. Our sports pitch and artificial surface machines have the ability to lay over 360m² of turf per hour. Our specialist pitch turfing machinery is the world’s most efficient and accurate turfing and renovation equipment available.

Kestrel offers a variety of artificial surface and natural turf renovation solutions to bring your projects into play instantly. Turfing is generally used when surfaces are required in a hurry.

Natural Surface Sports Ground Renovation techniques and our machinery

Koro Field Top Maker
The Koro Field Top Maker is a revolutionary field renovation tool that has transformed the time it takes to grow turf to maturity from scratch. This machine simply planes off the existing weaker grasses leaving the stronger rooted desirable rye grasses.

Sport Pitch Renovation

Deep Aeration: Verti Draining
Verti Draining Renovation machine offers a quick, short-term renovation solution for excess surface water, allowing it to penetrate through the topsoil layer into the ground or drains below. Verti draining promotes healthy growth of your sports turf and short-term drainage benefits by relieving compaction from the pitch surface and providing deep aeration in to the rootzone.

Sports Turf Renovation

Kestrel have a variety of pitch seeding machines for working on newly cultivated soils through to disc seeders which can drill seed into existing swards. An ideal sport pitch renovation tool, our three metre wide sport pitch seeder is capable of over sowing a complete golf course in one or two days, or even as many as ten football or rugby pitches in a day!

Natural Turf Renovation

Top Dressing
Kestrel have uniquely designed and manufactured top dressing machine, which can apply hundreds of tonnes of top dressing in a day to improve your sport pitch and artificial surface levels & help you to create a better pitch surface through restoration. Top dressing is a fundamental part of turf renovation as it creates a flat surface, improves drainage and encourages the turf to become healthier.

Topdressing Renovation

Laser Graders
With our tractor mounted laser graders and free standing lasers for rebuilding we can complete the levels on any sport pitch and artificial surface to the tightest of tolerances. An extremely high degree of accuracy means the new sports area can be made level during the renovation or with a slight camber to aid water movement.

Field Renovation Project

Eco Dresser
The revolutionary piece of sports pitch renovation machinery recycles in situ dressings, whilst aerating and relieving compaction. Our Eco Dresser can provide great value restoration to the right sports sites by offering considerable savings against the traditional verti draining, scarifying and topdressing operations.

As well as significant cost savings the Kestrel’s Eco Dresser Renovation machine also provides a variety of additional benefits such as:

  •     Sustainability
  •     Reduced carbon footprint
  •     Free topdressing
  •     Nutrient recycling
  •     Aeration
  •     Scarifying
  •     Relieve compaction


Eco Friendly Renovation


Regardless of your budget, size and turf, Kestrel Contractors have a restoration service to help you. Contact our team on 01256 880 488 or via our contact page to find out which sports pitch renovation service will fit your needs.

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